Playing with Django and puppets on the webcam

One of my LoFi Library game cards

One of my LoFi Library game cards

Game school 4 Day intensive creative game course

Game School
a four week creative ICT project to create a sophisticated 3D virtual game that includes - a created environment - puzzles - animated avatars and objects - sound and music 
Topics covered 

    • Create a virtual game and environment - you will learn a range of skills in how to make a real video game 
    • Planning and designing video games and understanding how they work
    • making graphics and characters/avatars

    • exploring a game engine (Unity 3D) and making a first simple game 
    • creating 3D environments and maps in free to use software
    • making textures and special effects for a game space

    • recording sounds and music - understanding the impact of sound on the game
    • working as a team to create a game space and publishing it to the web and taking home your final game 
    • reflecting on what we have learnt and planning where these skills can be used again in the future

Game school - Stencylworks walkthrough tutorial pt1

Hi this is a Game School walkthrough tutorial looking at Stencylworks 2D game making software for the PC and Mac (find it here - join me as I work out how it works and what it looks like - Please like our Game School facebook page too to find out how to make free games on your own computer for information and a ton of links why games are good for you. Look at too.


Howto & Style




Burying a pet dog in a sand

Game School

So here we are - I shall be cross posting and sharing the development of the social venture as time passes - stay tuned